Yesterday I emailed one of the IVF nurses at my RE’s clinic and told her I didn’t want to take Lupron, and she emailed back this morning saying that’s fine and that she would write a different protocol, and that she wasn’t aware of my concerns about Lupron. This tells me my doctor or the other IVF nurse didn’t make this note in my chart. It’s really frustrating dealing with so many people. Both nurses seem to share all responsibilities and patients, because sometimes one calls me, and sometimes the other calls me. It would be nice to just have one nurse that I dealt with the majority of the time so she could at least be pretty familiar with my history. I’m also frustrated with them because the one nurse absolutely wasn’t having a no-Lupron option, and this nurse is like, sure, fine, no problem. So I guess I spent a month fretting over this for absolutely nothing.

Plus I didn’t start my BCP on Tuesday like I should have since I figured I’d have to fight with them longer about the Lupron, so now I’m not sure if I can start them now and be fine or not. Looks like I’ll have to ask.

I guess the good news is that not wanting to take Lupron isn’t a big deal after all.