Still just waiting around for my blood work coming up on Tuesday.  I miscarried at this exact point last time. Five weeks and five days. No indication that it’s happening anytime soon, which surprises me because of the low numbers.  I’m obviously curious about what the results will be Tuesday, but I can’t even make a good guess.

It’s strange; I missed the two-week wait this time because we weren’t even trying, but looks like I’m making up for it now. I took my positive pregnancy test 15 days ago, and there you have it. A two-week wait.

Did some yard work today; I tried not to overdo it. It had to be done though, because the backyard was like a jungle. I let the husband do all the hard stuff.

At least the rest of today, and tomorrow, should go by quickly. Waiting for the phone call with the results the day of the appointment is the hardest. Always feels like forever, and I can never concentrate on anything else.