My clinic has an RE and two IVF nurses. The nurses handle most of the usual questions and all that, and that’s who I call or email to ask questions. However, I’ve noticed quite the difference between the two nurses my RE has. They are both quite nice, but one is much more willing to talk than the other. The one who doesn’t want to talk as much also seems lots more conservative in her answers. Conservative Nurse called me with Tuesdays results and she said the plan is to continue testing until the number goes back down. Sounds pretty obvious to me what she thinks. However, I emailed Less-Conservative Nurse to ask about immune problems and stuff like that, and she called me the next day and talked about that with me. However, something kept nagging at me about how she was talking about things with me. So to clarify what she thought I emailed her and left her a message to call me because I wanted to know if I was supposed to operate on the assumption it’s a viable pregnancy or a non-viable pregnancy. She says still viable for now and wait until Tuesday.

This is what I mean about the hope thing. It’s dangerous.

By the way, I’m 5 weeks and 3 days pregnant today. Or something near that.